Investor Relations FAQ


How long has Beiersdorf been listed on the stock exchange?

Beiersdorf has been listed in the stock exchange since 1928.

On what stock exchanges is the Beiersdorf share listed?

The Beiersdorf share is listed on stock exchanges in Germany. Main stock exchanges are Frankfurt and Hamburg. Others are Berlin, Duesseldorf, Hannover, Munich and Stuttgart.

What are the ISIN code and the Reuters and Bloomberg symbols for the Beiersdorf share?

ISIN code: DE 0005200000

Reuters: BEIG.DE

Bloomberg:  BEI GR

What is the shareholder structure of Beiersdorf? How much is free float?

The shareholder structure can be found here.

When was Beiersdorf admitted to DAX?

Beiersdorf has been a part of DAX, the index for the 30 largest companies in Germany, since December 2008.

Does Beiersdorf have a share buy-back program?

Beiersdorf owns 9.99% of the share capital. That is the legal maximum. Additional share buy-backs are therefore not possible. However, if Beiersdorf cancelled its own shares additional buy-back would be possible. In the Annual General Meeting company asked from shareholders the right to buy back shares in case of cancellation.

Financial Information

When is the next earnings release?

All upcoming publication dates can be found at Beiersdorf Events. If you want to be informed what is going on at Beiersdorf, please click here to order our newsletter.

How do I get a copy of the Annual Report?

You can access our financial reports directly from our website. Please click here.

Where do I get a quick overview of the Beiersdorf Group's key financial figures?

The current key figures are available online. Please click here.

Annual General Meeting

When will the next Annual General Meeting take place?

The date of the next Annual General Meeting will be published here.

Who can attend the Annual General Meeting?

An Annual General Meeting is an event for shareholders, who may attend in person or be represented by a proxy.

How do I exercise my voting rights in case I am not present at the AGM?

If shareholders are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting, they may submit postal votes or issue proxies to a third party or to the voting representative appointed by the company. Shareholders will receive the relevant documents directly from their bank; they are also available here together with the agenda.

Dividend Payments

What was the amount of the last dividend payment and when was the payment date?

You will find the current and past dividend payments here.

How much dividend did you pay and what was the payout ratio in previous years?

Here is an overview of our dividend payments.

When is the next dividend payment?

The dividend payment takes place three working days after the AGM. You can find the date of the next AGM once published in our financial calendar.

Corporate Governance

What is corporate governance?

“Corporate Governance” means responsible company management and supervision that aims to achieve long-term value enhancement. It increases the transparency of the statutory and company-specific conditions for the management of listed companies and hence promotes the confidence of investors, customers, employees, and the general public in this regard.

How does Beiersdorf deal with corporate governance?

Beiersdorf AG welcomes the regularly updated German Corporate Governance Code presented by the Government Commission. The Code not only creates transparency for domestic and foreign investors as regards the framework for corporate management and supervision in Germany, but also establishes generally accepted standards for good and responsible company management.

Good corporate governance has been a high priority at Beiersdorf even before the publication of the Code. Close, efficient cooperation between the Executive and Supervisory Boards, a focus on shareholder interests, open corporate communication, proper accounting and auditing, and responsible risk management have always been the basis of the Company’s success. As a result, compliance with the Code and its amendments did not necessitate any fundamental changes at Beiersdorf.

What is Beiersdorf’s stance towards the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code?

Here you can find our declaration on the recommendations of the Code.


How can I subscribe to the Beiersdorf Newsletter and get the latest updates on the Beiersdorf company?

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