Departments & Teams

We may be smaller than most of our competitors but we strive to be the best. We’re looking for ambitious and talented individuals who can make a real difference to our business across all departments. If you believe you could play a significant role in driving our portfolio of leading brands internationally, read on.

Marketing & Sales

Could you get under the skin of what our customers and potential customers want, need and think?

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Do you have the digital IQ to activate our brands online and the know-how to digitally engage consumers and colleagues?

Finance & Controlling

Do you have imagination and professional know-how to help us increase our profitability?

Supply Chain Management

Are you proactive enough to plan long-term yet reactive enough to respond short-term?

Research & Development

Are you excited by the idea of creating new products through scientific innovation?

Human Resources

Are you able to identify and nurture promising talent and continuously develop our global team?

Pharmacy Business

Could you help to develop or market product innovations for medical skincare?