LabelloMaking lips irresistible for generations

The world fell for moisturized lips – More than 100 years ago

The Labello lip care stick is one of Beiersdorf’s classic products – and is even two years older than NIVEA. These days, Labello moisturizes and pampers lips all over the world. Around 160 million lip care sticks are produced a year, securing first place in lip care for Beiersdorf in Germany and many other countries. You can access our website here.

Lip Care Stick – Intensive care and protection for every day

We have the right product for every pair of lips, from rich and intensive to light care, with or without sun protection, glossy or in color. Who do you plan to kiss today?

Care & Color – Colorful lip care

This Labello is effective in two ways: panthenol on the inside moisturizes and protects lips, while the outer layer adds an enticing touch of color.

Lip Butter – Creamy protection for irresistibly soft lips

Labello Lip Butter is so creamy that it melts on your lips, while the wonderful fragrance and delicate touch of color pamper your lips.


The history of Labello is as rich, glossy, and colourful as the lip care stick itself. Do you know when its unmistakable packaging was introduced?